During the last decade, our economy has repeatedly shown that none of us are safe from financial upheaval, and that bankruptcy can become a necessity for anyone at any time. If you have spent months worrying about paying your next bill or stressing about how you will provide groceries for your family after paying your current monthly bills, bankruptcy may be your best option.

If you are experiencing a hard time remaining up-to-date on your credit card payments or other unsecured debts, we can assist in a variety of ways. We take an aggressive approach to debt relief for our clients in order to obtain the most advantageous outcome. We pursue relief from debt collectors and creditors who are making abusive or harassing attempts to obtain the money they are owed.

Whether you are being harassed by debt collectors or need to assess your debt relief options, there is no better place to look than our firm. Many of our clients come to us hoping to avoid bankruptcy through an alternative. Although bankruptcy is a valid option for some individuals who are in need of relief from debt, other options are available as well. If you are on the fence between options, we can help you compare and contrast the differences between bankruptcy and debt settlement. Attorney Michael Shovan has the knowledge to help you select an appropriate route to debt relief.

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Life is not always fair, and bad things happen to good people. Like serious money problems. If you’re like most people I visit with during a debt consultation; you’ve experienced some loss of sleep and some “marital discussions” about your debt problems. Most likely, you’ve experienced some debt collection harassment.

Get some peace of mind by learning about all of your options and getting your questions answered. We can take immediate action to ensure a fair resolution to your case. Our goal is to help eliminate your debt by utilizing the knowledge and resources that we have available to us. We pursue the elimination of debt because we are deeply passionate about this area of law. If you or a loved one have a complex debt situation such as an insurmountable amount of student loans, we can help!

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Our Firm provides Legal Debt Resolution Services. We provide legal advice to assist in determining your best options! Unlike non-attorney firm based companies, we will not force you into a one size fits all repayment plan if it is not your best option. We handle almost every aspect of debt resolution including debt settlement, tax settlement, Fair Debt Collection Practices Violations, Fair Credit Reporting Act, Litigation Defense, and Bankruptcy.

Non lawyer debt companies cannot provide legal advice. They will rush you towards their area of expertise and convince you that it is what you need and charge you more than we will. We will meet with you face to face and enter into a legal services agreement. You will work directly with your attorney throughout the process. If something changes, you can call us and re-evaluate your facts. Our firm is devoted to providing our clients with the individual attention they deserve. If you retain our firm’s services, Attorney Mike Shovan will listen to your needs and will advocate on your behalf. Regardless of the financial restraint you are facing, our firm can help you get out of debt and build your credit.

We offer Chapter 7, Chapter 13 bankruptcy and Debt Relief services to people living in Michigan


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